Day: June 16, 2017

18 year-old Maisy Kay makes feature film debut

Maisy Kay, the 18-year-old music prodigy is fresh off her triumphant debut with feature film “Wonders of the Sea 3D” where her heartfelt title song was premiered during the Cannes Film Festival.

“I’ve been a supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for some time and it is important for me to have this amazing opportunity to work with both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Michel Cousteau in order to help raise awareness about the urgent need to protect our oceans,” said Maisy Kay. “After listening to the beautiful original score of the film composed by Christophe Jacquelin, I was inspired to compose a song that would help convey the important message of the movie.”

“The soundtrack has an important part in the success of a movie and we were already fortunate to have such beautiful music,” Director Jean-Michel Cousteau said. “When I heard Maisy’s song, I immediately knew it would be a great title song for the film. Maisy Kay is one of the most talented young women I have ever worked with, and her potential seems boundless.”

Maisy Kay will perform this song again following the film’s screening at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, New York on June 21. The audience will consist of international luminaries, world and United Nations leadership and Hollywood celebrities.

“Wonders of the Sea 3D” is directed by the legendary oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello and is produced by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Francois Mantello. The film is slated for a staggered release worldwide starting in 2017.

About “Wonders of the Sea 3D”
Filmed over 3 years from Fiji to the Bahamas, Jean-Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien take us on a voyage to discover the ocean as never seen before and learn more about the threats that put our ocean at risk. Its poetic, entertaining, thrilling educational and environmental qualities, as well as its enthralling music, set WONDERS OF THE SEA 3D apart from academic documentaries. The film aims at attracting and uniting the general public around the need to protect the ocean.

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About Jean-Michel Cousteau
For more than four decades, Jean-Michel Cousteau has dedicated himself and his vast experience to communicate to people of all nations and generations his love and concern for our water planet. The son of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel has investigated the world’s oceans aboard “Calypso” and “Alcyone” for much of his life. As a filmmaker of over 80 films, Cousteau received the Emmy, the Peabody Award, the Sept d’Or, and the Cable Ace Award. Honoring his heritage, Jean-Michel founded Ocean Futures Society in 1999 to carry on this pioneering work.

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About Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most recognized individuals on the planet, having led an amazing life and achieving beyond his dreams in Hollywood, fitness, and public service. In an effort to give back to the country that allowed him to accomplish so much, Schwarzenegger ran for public office and was elected California’s 38th Governor. His leadership put California at the forefront of the nation in addressing climate change, pushing for the development of renewable energies, rebuilding critical infrastructure, investing in stem cell research, and putting in place healthcare and political reforms. Since leaving office in 2011, he has continued to promote state and local clean energy efforts by founding the nonprofit R20: Regions of Climate Action.

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